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Post  Joshua088 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:44 pm

Rent to Buy or rent to own is a way of using the rent you pay to buy the house you want, and making sure you’ve locked in today’s low price before it rises tomorrow. But too often than not owning your own home is just not an option…until now.At Rent to Own in Nottingham, we remove all the traditional barriers making owning your very own home easy. Whether you have a poor or non existent credit history, you’re a first time buyer, you don’t have enough money for a deposit or you are a new UK resident, you can now have get on the property ladder.With our simple straightforward system you can rent one of our new or newly refurbished properties, with a guaranteed purchase price fixed for that property at day one, and your rent can count towards to cost of buying the home outright.Terms are flexible and are tailored to you – but typically you have the chance to rent to buy over a three year period. You enjoy all the benefits of the property as if it was your own, including the freedom to re-decorate or renovate – adding value will ultimately benefit you when you decide the time is right to own the home outright.


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